Propane generator question


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Propane generator question

I have a generac 7500 watt generator that has been converted to propane 4-5 yrs ago. About three weeks ago it was time to change oil which I did and when finished I cranked and let it run about 45mins or so then shut it off. With all the weather problems from the hurricane I thought I'd crank it today and let it run a bit but I can't get it to hit at all. Oil level is good, the run switch is ON, I'm getting fire thru the plug and propane is definitely coming thru the line and out the pancake looking regulator mounted on the generator. When I cranked to warm it up before changing oil it started on the second pull. After changing oil it started quickly as well.

I do want to mention that the cover on it had blown off on one side and the generator was wet from the rain. I sprayed some electronic cleaner on the rocker arm switch that shuts the generator off and dryed with some canned air in case water was inside the switch but did not help.

I've never fooled with anything that used propane before so let me ask this. When I turn the generator off... I've been turning the run switch to off and the going to the propane supply valve and turning it off. This leaves the propane in the line between the supply valve and the generator. Can this cause a proplem with propane? Would I be better to shut the supply valve off first and let it burn out of the generator and line and go dead on its own?
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It really should not matter if you shut the generator off first. The only time propane flows to the engine is when it is cranking. Does your unit have a prime switch? The prime switch opens the propane safety shut off solenoid but does nothing until the engine cranks which automatically opens the shut off valve. Does this unit have the GN-410 engine? You mentioned It had spark. Most of the firing trouble on these engines are due to weak or no spark due to a bad oil pressure switch. I would check there as well.


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