Sears Lawn Tractor won't start


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Red face Sears Lawn Tractor won't start

I have a Sear's model 917259530 lawn tractor. It won't start when I turn the key. I checked the battery, and it's good. I jumpered directly to the starter from the battery, and jumpered the seat switch,clutch etc.. and it trys to turn the starter, then stops, and sounds like it does not have enough power. I took off the starter, and using a battery charger direcly to the starter is spins, but if I put some pressure on it, it stops. I can turn the engine flywheel by hand, and it turns fine, and gives some more resistance when it hits the compression phase. Does anyone agree that it sounds like the starter? I don't know how much torque one of these things usually has. I am getting ready to order one, and would like some second opinions, and or other advise before I order one. Also does anyone have a source for parts other than Sears directly? They want $118. and $15 to ship. I was wondering if I can get one cheaper..

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make sure your battery connections and all up to the starter are tight, not corroded, and that the battery is actually holding a charge and has a high cranking amp to it, also try a small engine shop from now on, they can most likely order anything for it cheaper then what sears wants for it.
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We had a similar problem with our sears mower. It turned out to be the teeth on the starter. They are made out of plastic and they just wore down over time. We replaced them but now we can't get it stared because we don't know the timing. Pay attention when you take it apart.
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If this is an OVH engine you will need to adjust the valve lash. These engines valve lash needs adjusting about once a year.

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