Briggs flywheel swap


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Briggs flywheel swap

I have a neighbors (widow woman) 14 hp 42 in cut 94 model Murray mower in my garage this morning. The starter ring on the flywheel is made of plastic and is missing several teeth and of course she cannot get it to start, now I have some parts I saved off of a approx 85 12 hp I/C Briggs engine including the flywheel, after measuring and examining both flywheels they look the same except the 85 vintage piece has a aluminum starter ring and appears to be a bit heavier built casting actually at this point I have completely reassembeled the engine using the older flywheel and it runs like a top, but I am a bit concerned that like a car engines harmonic balance the flywheel may affect engine balance?????????? anyone know for sure???? it seems to run well and being a 11 year old murray not sure if it is even worth worrying about LOL but do not want the engine to disentegrate because of something I did. I thought that someone here may have run into this before. Note: I did have to push the perforated screen down pretty forcefully to get the three phillips head screws back in it, but nothing rubs (I thought the old flywheel might be a bit taller maybe a 1/4" )

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nope, shouldn't hurt...
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Fly wheel swap

If you could post the model, code and type numbers, of both engines. I'm sure that cheese, puey or someone will tell you for positive sure. Don't want to fragment a steel fly wheel. Better safe than sorry!!!
T.J. terry

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