hard starting chainsaw


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hard starting chainsaw

Ok. The saw is a huskavarna 345. It's about 3 or 4 years old. Has cut down a few large trees but hasn't seen a lot of hard work compared to what it's designed for. The fuel line broke, so I fixed that along with cleaning out the carburetor, checking the air filter, adjusting the carb mixture screws so it runs perfect. The only problem is that when it's been sitting for 24 hours, it is really hard to start. The only way to easily start this saw is to tie the throttle to full throttle. This isn't something I want to continually do. Most saws have a throttle lock, but the way this one is designed, when you pull the choke out, a little spring loaded lever pops up and partly opens the throttle for starting. It wasn't pushing much at all, so I bent the little tab so it would push it to almost half throttle, but it still won't start within 10 or 15 pulls. Since the saw is fairly new, I don't think lack or crankcase vacuum would be much of a problem, but I'm not posotive. Also, this saw doesn't have a primer bulb so I can't use that option. The little fuel filter in the tank is clean. And I have good reliable spark. Any thoughts on easier starting.
P.S. How EXACTLY should the low and high mixture screws be set, I know some engines can be very picky? Thanks!!!!
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Well I seem to say this alot lately, how does that metal fuel filter screen in the carb look ?

Also im not sure why you're choke is not working right, you have soemthing not adjusted right or 2 tight, or something is getting in the way.

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Hi Mower17!

There could be a few reasons. The fuel line may be losing it's prime due to a crack/leak in the line, or a loose fit, or a leak in the carb.

Make sure the choke is closing fully. Also, have you looked at the cylinder walls and piston through the exhaust port? It could be scarred.

To adjust it, close both screws, then open them 1 1/2 turns. Start it and run full throttle. Close the high speed screw while at full throttle until the engine races wildly, then back it out until the engine begins to flutter a bit. Then let it idle. You may have to work the throttle to keep it running until the low speed screw is properly adjusted. Turn it in until it idles fast and smooth, then back it out until it idles slow enough to keep the chain from turning and has a bit of choppy idle.

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