Mac 3214 series chainsaw


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Mac 3214 series chainsaw

Can someone please shed more light on my mac that won't start, it's been running fine then all of a sudden, nothing!! plug has been changed, air filter clean, spark arrester screen dark but clean, clean fresh gas/oil ratio, i blew the carb out with compressed air and fuel seems to run through the fuel fliter in the tank through the carb via the clear hoses to the primer bulb with no problems, the choke works and the thing will not even hint that it wants to start anymore. It turns over like it wants to run but seems like there is no spark, any ideas' will be greatly appreciated....Thanks
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is it getting spark ?

check and make sure its sparking, easy way to do that, is take the plug out and leave the spaork plug wire on and lean it against the top of the cylinder and pull a few times.

If no spark, could be abad off switch or most likely a failed coil.

Btw, U did not mention when you blew the carb out with the air hose, I'll asume you had it torn apart when doing so, otherwise you risk ripping the diaphram.

if you are getting some spark, add in a little mixed gas into the cylidner and see if it pops.

best of luck

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Re: Spark

It is getting spark,i'm going to blow the carb out again with it torn apart this time (diaphram looks good) drop some gas in the cylinder and try it in the morning, i have no confidence it will fire up but i'll give it a shot.
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when the primer bulb is pushed are you suppose to see a squirt of gas in the carb b/c it just looks like it's going thru the carb housing, reason i ask is b/c on one of my other small engines i can see the squirt of gas shoot into the carb when i push the primer bulb...
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You will not see any fuel in the throat of the carb on a 2-stroke diaphragm carb. It merely recirculates fuel and purges any air that is in the system. I'd recondition the carb if I were you.

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