Husqvarna Model 40 chainsaw Low rpm's only


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Husqvarna Model 40 chainsaw Low rpm's only

Husqvarna Model 40 chainsaw Low rpm's only.

I inherted this chainsaw. I have no idea of what its history may have been.
It will start fairly easy however if I try and get it to go to High rpms, it will bog down and stall out.

I have never owned a chainsaw before so I do not know what to check. However I do have a download of the owners manual and have check the followning.

Proper oil/gas with new gas.
I have the proper oil in the automatic oiler.
The chain moves freely on the bar when not running.
I have checked the air filter and is clean and oiled

The anti-kick back is free to move therefor not engaged. (This is correct??)

I have taken off the anti-kick/ clutch cover and the clutch will move if pried with a screw driver.. So I believe that is correct.

I did find that I have broken hose that goes from the top of the gas tank left side to somewhere in the right side of the carb and then down. But to what I have no idea.

Well that all I can think of now.
Does the carb need to be changed?
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Replace the cracked vent hose. If this don't do it you will need to clean/rebuild the carb. It's very simple and easy to do. No need to buy a new one.

Also, look for a restricted muffler. If you can rev it up without the muffler then replace it (may be loud when testing,though)!

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carb rebuild is easy, i'd do that as well anyway, but yeah, do pop the muffler off, and check the spark arrestor if it has one as well.
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Be aware that if you do in fact have excessive carbon build-up on the arrestor screen you may as well have build-up in the exhaust port of the cylinder and this too needs to be checked/cleaned. If you intend to service the carburetor, pull it off and let us know what brand, model and serial number the carb is and I can supply you with the rebuild kit part number. You should also replace the mounting gasket, if applicable (some have a rubber intake manifold instead of a gasket).

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