Tecumseh 13.5 repair or replace?


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Cool Tecumseh 13.5 repair or replace?

The flywheel on my tecumseh 13.5 struck the magnet totally ruining it. The two mount screws for the magnet were torn out of the engine block and now I have no way to screw a new magnet in, it actually cracked the engine block. Is it smarter to take this in for repair or should I buy a new motor at $400?
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For $400, I'd try to build up where the screws were torn out with J-B Weld and drill and tap new holes.
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I think you're referring to the ignition coil mounting. However, if the crack in the block is not very big and does not run into the top bearing race; it can be repaired along with the mounts. If the crack does extend into the bearing race then junk it!

You will need to find a shop that can weld aluminum which is not an easy task. You could easily spend as much as $150.00 for this repair including new ignition but it should be cheaper but will depend on the one doing the welding. You will be the final judge once the welder gives you his price which is what will cost the most.

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Are you talking outside the flywheel or inside the flywheel that has broken? In other words, the coil mounts or the alternator mounts. Either way, this will not be an easy repair to make and most likely the best repair would be to replace the cylinder block. Post back with engine ID #'s and I can provide a price for such. How are the magnets? (these are actually attached to the flywheel (both inside and out).
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If i was you i would go with gettin with someone that has a tap and dye set and tap out the broken end of the bolt and rethread the hole, that is if the hole is not split down the side. your talkin about the magneto which is positioned just a hair away from the flywheel. the magneto is really just a coil like everyone else said. but if you cant rethread the hole i would probably go with a new block. it would be cheaper than to buy a new engine. but the flywheel might be messed up or warped too if it ripped off the magneto.

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