Weed Eater GTI 15T Help

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Question Weed Eater GTI 15T Help

I just bought a used Weed Eater at a garage sale for 10 bucks. The guy said it ran the last time he used it, "a while ago". Also said it has been in storage. It sarts up ok but dies after about 1min. I'm planing on buying a new air filter and spark plug. I was wondering what the best way is to clean out the old gas/oil and if there is anything else I might consider doing to it to keep it healty? One more thing. It states on the unit 8oz of oil to 1gal of gas, seems like a lot of oil to me. Do I, or should I follow this? Thanks.

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yes that is alot of oil to use..... newer ones are 3.2 ounces to 1 gall. but it sounds like a oldy...... well when you go to get the spark plug, make sure its the right numbers.....that and buy a carb rebuild kit, just a plug and air filter won't do it. that and new fuel lines, along with the in tank fuel filter. that old gas mix if it has in fact set for a long time.....its gummed the carb, fuel lines are probablly hard and will crack, and the fuel filter is somewhat clogged, take the carb apart, remember how it goes back together....they are kinda simple, soak it in carb cleaner overnight, take it back out, blow it out with cleaner, reassemble when it drys off. the adjustment screws that control the fuel will have to be taken out also. but the baseline is 1 to 1.5 turns, then of course fine tune when warmed up, till it just slightly smokes...... oh and don't use plastic with carb cleaner to soak it.
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yea i agree with V8Driver. your problem sounds like its in your fuel line and carb.
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Thanks for the replies. I ran it more over the weekend. I adjusted the idle and carb screws and now it runs until I shut it off. I'm still planing on rebuilding the carb to insure stability. Thanks again.

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