A question


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A question

Hey i have a 12hp MTD and i am workin towards my goal of a haulin XXX lawnmower, and i have spent about 300$ on replacing wore out parts, cleaning the engine, and a few other things i have already put a smaller pulley on the tranny. Now i have to spend another 70 on the variable speed clutch pulley. i am trying to hunt down a larger pulley for the engine drive. Where can i find or get a bigger engine drive pulley to fit??? or do i have to go to a machine shop and get a custom pulley made??? Need advice.
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I would measure the size of your shaft (the engines', not yours...) and the belt you are using. Pulleys can be bought from Grainger, Manhattan Supply Company, Tractor Supply or many other companies. You just need to know what you are shopping for. Since you are Frankensteining you will have to know what you want. Most parts books do not list "upgrade" parts. Telling someone that you want a bigger pulley for your MTD may not get you very far, but saying that you want a pulley with a 5" pitch diameter and a 1" shaft will get you further.
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yea but what about the space from the pulley to the bottom of the engine, bc if dont get it in the exact spot the pulley will fall off and what about gettin the pulley to stay and not sliding bc remember i have 3 or so inches under it
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What is the model and serial number on the mower?
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This mower only has a model # its 138-652-118/K237C i dont know what the digits after the slash are for. Its a MTD lawnmower. and if you need the engine model and type # here it is..... Model 281707 Type 0137-01
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The model number is coming up as an 1988 model The serial number indicates this is a late 87 model (K237C).
K= 11th letter in the alphabet =11th month
23= day of the month
7= last digit in the year

November 23, 1987

the pulley listed for this model has a drive pulley diameter of 3 1/2". 3/4" spacing from engine and the shaft seat is 3 5/8" by 1" keyed. I was not able to find anything with these measurements with a drive pulley larger than 3 1/2".

someone else wanna take a stab at it?

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