Sears Snowblower has no power


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Sears Snowblower has no power

I have an older 1988 Sears 8 hp snowblower. I give it reasonable maintenance. I started it to ensure everything was good for winter, and the engine was very difficult to start. Once it started, it could barely keep running regardless of choke or gas setting. I checked the oil with the engine running, and oil splashed up and out of the pipe something fierce. Any suggestions?
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There could be a few things, the engine is not gettin either enough air or gas. Check the Air Filter, the Feul Lines, Carburator, and the spark plug
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The most common problem is bad gas. Even if you ran the gas out of it last season some residue is left behind to form varnish, so I would start with a good carb. cleaning.

It is common to have some oil blow out of the dipstick or fill hole if you open it when the engine is running. Many modern engines vent the engine case to the carb intake to releive the pressure and burn the oil smoke for cleaner emissions. Some pressure is normal, but if it is greater than normal it can indicate more serious problems inside the engine. I would not worry too much about that right now. My money is on a dirty carb.
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Thanks guys. I'll change gas and clean the air cleaner and carb. If that doesn't work, I'll be back *8>)

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