Trimmer wont run right


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Trimmer wont run right

I have a troy built string trimmer. My problem is that it cuts off at wide open throttle and then blows a small puff of white smoke out the air intake. I have replaced the spark plug, cleaned the air filter, changed the fuel filter, and changed the gas in it but nothing works.
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how old is it, was it stored right...? either fuel stabilizer in the gas, or drained and run out? is the mix new? try taking a look at the spark arrestor screen as well, in the muffler, and make sure thats clean, you can clean it by burning it then hitting it with a wire brush, or just leave it out.
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Two or four-cycle?
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Try adjusting the high speed needle

Try these things: run premium gas/mix. Make sure the high speed screw is adjusted properly so that it gets enough gas at full throttle. Usually the owners manual will tell you how many turns out, at least for a starting point. When it does this, what does the spark plug look like is it wet or dry?(If it's wet, then you may have an electrical problem ie. coil or wire. Right after it does this, while you are checking the plug, ground it and see if there is spark. If there is, and the plug is dry, then you have a fuel problem. Also, the carb may need rebuilt, esp. if the unit is old.

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