Craftsmen 32cc leaf blower starts but won't stay running


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Craftsmen 32cc leaf blower starts but won't stay running

HI..Someone gave me a Craftsmen model 358.797922 32 CC leaf blower..The problem with it is this..Its starts fine...I put the choke to full on a cold start..and it runs....but after warm up..moving the choke away to I can never get it out of idle mode.....also the trigger has no effect on anything....I would appriecate any info someone can share about it.....Thanks.

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gave it to you? did he do anything to the carb? did he store it properly, it sounds like the carb needs a disassemble and cleaning. make sure the in tank filter isn't clogged as well.
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sticking throttel

It sounds like the throttel is sticking spray it with some carb. cleaner or WD40
if that dosent work you may have to do a major cleaning. I allways try the easyer way first.
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I have the same exact problem with the same blower.
I had mine since new
the problem started by stalling hot and not restarting, and got worse from there
it acts like no fuel
I replaced the carb with oem replacement and this carb has 2 adjusting screws that you can not turn.
It seemed to run better at first but after 10 minutes it was the same way again
I have tons of leaves to move Can Anyone help?

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