Hahn-Eclipse wount start


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Hahn-Eclipse wount start

I have a Hahn-eclipse snow gaint series 7532 model uh-5868 serial # 1089889 that does not want to start i do know that it does not get a spark. It was given to me from a friend who moved to Florida 2 years a go to get away from the Buffalo cold. It ran when i got it but now it wount what to do ? Can't seem to find anything about the Hahn-Eclipse
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never heard of it myself..... but what brand engine does it have on it? have you checked for spark? try gas dribbled down the carb to see if it'll start, if not then do move on to checking spark. could be some things, needs a new plug. coil may be bad, or if its really old, and has point and condensor that may need being set or replaced.
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Originally Posted by louv1
i do know that it does not get a spark.
Originally Posted by v8driver
have you checked for spark?
v8driver! you goofed!
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Originally Posted by James Sanders
v8driver! you goofed!
woops, must've missed that well if he doesn't get any spark at all, don't know how he's testing though.. i would check the two things, if it has point/condensor, that. and the coil...they can sometimes break down giving you trouble, or just nothing at all. though one thing to try first off, is take the kill wire off the coil then try. may be a safety switch if it has any.
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Hahn Ecclipse equipment was very popular around the 1960's 1970's, but they either went out of business, or were absorbed by another manufacturer. If I had to guess, your snowblower is at least 25 years old, but that does NOT mean it's not worth fixing. My guess is it needs points, a condenser, and a new properly gapped plug, and possibly a coil. Total investment in parts, less than $100 (not including shop labor if you have them do it). I'm not familiar with the model number, but am guessing that this is around 24" wide with a 5 or 6 HP motor, that can't be replaced new for under $550.

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