retainer clip question


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retainer clip question

just been through another wrestling match with a couple of those
horrible little retainers which mfrs seem to love to slip on the end of
shafts these days to keep wheels and things in place.

They sure do hold good. Gotta say that about 'em.

Ever tried to get one off? That's another story. The ones today I was
fiddling with took me two big crow bars and simultaneous force applied in
opposition to pop 'em off.

These were ring type retainers. There's some even worse that look like
little tophats with claws. Those almost invariably have to be torn up to
get 'em off.

Question: is there any kind of universal tool that will allow me to easily
remove all kinds of these types of evil devices? And, what do I call for?
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The "little top hats with claws" are what the US military calls" a one time use item".

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