Craftsman Leaf Blower 358.797970 won't start


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Craftsman Leaf Blower 358.797970 won't start

I have an older model craftsman leaf blower #358797970. It doesn't start, I have changed the sparkplug and checked the gap, drained the gas and put in new Any other suggestions?
I've changed sparkplug and checked carb. and exhaust and now have not spark what should I check for this problem

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was it just brought out of storage? check you gas lines for cracking, then i'd move on to cleaning the carb if in fact it was left for quite some time with untreated gas. does it even try to start? maybe with a little gas down the carb? if it doesn't make sure its getting spark. then move on to checking compression, should be 90 or higher.
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Does it have spark? If so, try putting a little gas in the spark plug hole and reinstall the plug and see if it will run for a second or two. If so, proceed to the fuel system. Check fuel lines for cracks, make sure primer is moving fuel, etc..., if no problems there, I'd clean the carburetor.
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Check the exhaust ports

to see if they are plug with carbon deposits. I had a leaf blower that would plug every and not start until the ports were cleaned. Take off the muffler to get to the ports. Hope this helps.
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sod's advice is good but first try cheese's trick first. By all means and due to age you could well have carbon build-up in the exhaust port. Make sure, while you're there, that you inspect the piston and cylinder for any scoring. Depending on the severety of scores (if present) you may or may not want to proceed any further.
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I found a lot of leak blowers,where the cylinder comes loose at the crankcase check the head bolts while you have it apart,this can cause a air leak,and it will not start.

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Craftsman Leaf Blower

I too am an owner of a Craftsman leaf blower. I am not happy to admit that either, primarily because I have had nothing but problems with all my Craftsman lawn equipment. I will never buy this junk again.

I have model 358.797130, not much older than yours. I too have issues with the blower cranking. Until recently, it would start after several pulls then idle terrible. Once the throttle was engaged, the engine would die, hence, the aggravating start process would begin again.

In order for me to get the engine to stay at a steady idle, I have to run both the clutch and throttle halfway until it warms, about 2-3 minutes. I have taken apart the entire engine and blower, cleaned everything, replaced parts, and still, the piece of junk does not stay running. Oddly enough, the manufacture tag says this blowers’ durability time is only 50-hours. I know I have passed that time, so am thinking it is at the last straw.

This blower is only three years old. For it to cause idle and runtime problems now is not a surprise. What to do, I have no idea. I have even brought it to Sears to get the thing fixed, but they do the same as what I do to it. Half the time it costs me about the same as it would to purchase a newer blower. I just hate to spend the extra cash on a new blower when this one should work.

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I have leaf blower #358.797130 it starts after a FEW pulls, Once it is running at half choke it is ok, but once I move it to full choke it seems that it bogs down and or runs real ruff or sometimes it stops running. If I bring it back to half choke it runs smooth. I have changed the sparkplug and checked the gap, drained the gas and put in new Any other suggestions?

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