Help Starting Craftsman 4 hp Gas Snow Thrower


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Help Starting Craftsman 4 hp Gas Snow Thrower

I just discovered that I forgot to drain out all of the gas at the end of the season. I just changed the spark plug and oil and now can't seem to get it to start no matter what I try. If this happens with my lawnmower, I spray some starter flulid in the air filter hole. For this snowthrower, I can't seem to find an air filter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Before trying cures, let's try finding out the cause. The 4 things needed for an engine to run are air, fuel, compression and spark. Have you verified that the new spark plug works? Does the engine have compression? Fuel getting to the carb? There is usually no air filter on snowblowers because they would typically ice up, preventing air eventually from getting in the carb, but they still have an air intake, usually somewhat sheltered to minimize dirt from finding it's way in. Sure would help to know what brand and model snowblower you had.
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Gas line build up - Craftsman 4hp snow thrower

Thanks for your reply. It is a Craftsman 4hp gas snow thrower. I just put in a new spark plug and the gap is fine. I had no problem running it last year. I seem to have a problem because I failed to run the gas out of the line. This is where I need soem help. I think I probably have some gas line build up problem that I don't know how to overcome
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is this a vertical or horizontal shaft engine? anyway, if the old gas was not treated with stabilizer, the carb is gummed up. did you find the intake? if then did you try gas or starter fluid down the carb? did it start? if it did start, the carb is the fault. if it isn't too old, you may be able to get away with a can of carb cleaner, and blow and clean the carb out good.

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