troy-bilt 2850psi pressure washer problem


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troy-bilt 2850psi pressure washer problem

I just used my pressure washer for about 30 min. its leaking oil and will not crank now even with gas in it and the oil seems to be in it. My starter rope seems to be jammed if I pull it out fast to crank it but if I tug at slowly it comes out but thats no help to me. But I can't pull it fast to crank the motor, its a troy bilt straggs 2850pis pressure washer with 6.75 hp. What do I do?
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It is very hard for me to understand the symptoms you describe. How did it quit? Did you shut it down and then it wouldn't start? Leaking oil from engine or pump? Pulling slow---pulling fast--what do you mean? The engine will not turn over fast because there is too much resistance? A little more clarity will probably get you some answers. Let me know what happened as you were using it,.

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Hello wcassets!

I'd just about bet if you pull the oil dipstick and smell the oil, it smells like gas. If so, the carburetor is leaking, filling the cylinder with fuel (hydrolocking it) and thinning the oil and making the oil level too high, causing the oil leaks. If so, you'll need to clean the carburetor, replace the inlet needle, and drain the oil and refill with new after the carb leak is fixed. Don't run it with gas-thinned oil.

You can remove the spark plug and see if the engine will turn over easily with it out. If so, it will probably shoot gas out the spark plug hole, so make sure the plug wire is pulled out of the way and not close enough to any metal on the engine to cause a spark and make sure the engine is turned off when doing this.

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