Chain Saw Starting Question From Newbie


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Chain Saw Starting Question From Newbie


Have bought a new Poulan gas chain saw.
Have never used chainsaws before.
Manual isn't too clear on the following:

Should the chain brake handle/lever be in the forward (engaged) position, or back toward the hand (disengaged) when starting the engine ?

I'm referring to the inertia brake safety lever that is apparently should be in the vertical (back) position when the saw is actuall running and being used.

Also called a front hand guard, I believe.

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back toward your hand -- can't pull the rope when it's forward -- it stops the motor
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Exclamation chainsaw starting

treat the saw like a firearm. if you're not cutting engage the brake. it will not stop the engine from turning untill the rpm's are high enough to engage the centrifigul clutch. just don't goose the throttle with the brake engaged.

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