[obsolete]...kohler engine..[parts and manual]


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recieved a free kohler engine!!!

The other day I recived an old kohler motor for free, its a model K91T seriel#31424c. It doesnt look like much but I was going over it the yesterday it seems to check out pretty good. I found a fuel tank for it since its original was missing. Its got good compression, and enough spark to light anything and I got the recoil working smooth. My only problem know is that I dont have a carb. I had a tecumseah that has the same flanges but its missing some essential parts (jets, needle valve & adjusting screws)so I couldn't use it. If anyone knows anything about it like horse power or had a parts schematic i would apperciate it. Also is anyone knew of a different carb that would work or where I could get an original I would greatly apperciate it. Thanks

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maybe you can get a manual from kohlers website
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K91 Info

the k91 series was a 4 hp engine. kohler part # 46 853 01-s for the carb
ipl's are available from any shop using part smart software
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Confirmed, that is the carb part number and has a lists for around $150.
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Plenty of old carbs on eBay, $5 and up depending on completeness and condition. A new #45-853-11S is selling for $70

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