stihl weedeaters question


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stihl weedeaters question

I have a Sthil FS 44 weedeater that I really love today I was coming home from work and saw a Sthil FS 36 weedeater in someones trash I threw it in back of the truck and took it home .What is the diffreance between the two they look the same except the 36 has more of a bend to the shaft.
I plan on using it for parts.I put some fuel in the 36 but the primer bulb is old and hard and broken.I did pull the cord and it has real good compression and Maybe with a little clean up and a new bulb I can get it fired up.
I also need the reel for the cord but I will worry about that after it runs and if I cant get it running it will be a parts machine.
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Not being a Stihl dealer but fairly familiar with their equipment, I'd say the biggest difference would be engine size. I'm sure there are other subtle differences as well but your eye would tell you that best. The first thing you should do is remove the muffler to see if the piston, cylinder and rings are good enough to proceed any further though.

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