help with gas blower


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help with gas blower

I think I did a bad thing here so see what you think. I purchased a Sears Craftsmen gas blower/vac two years ago. It has a 30cc 2 cycle engine. I would say that at this point it has about 10 run hours on it. The other day while using it at full speed for an hour a faint rattling started to appear then after about 10 minutes of that it lost power and died. I let it cool for an hour or so and then started it back up and it was fine for a while then it happened again. The next day it started I used it for 1/2 hour and then it happened again however, this time the engine was totaly seized because I could not budge the starter rope. I finally broke it free but know I can pull and pull but it doesn't even sound like it wants to start. So my question finally is, the only thing I think I have done wong which could harm it is I have been using a fuel/oil mixture 32:1 instead of 40:1 that the cap says. So I am not sure if this could ruin it or not. It is still under manufacturers warranty though so I sent it back. Hopefully they will replace it.
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32:1 is more oil then using 40:1, all that will really do is make it smoke more, and clog the spark arrestor quicker. they may replace the whole thing, or the engine if the engine did in fact seize up.
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The first thing the service center will probably do is test the fuel. The 32:1 should not cause the engine to seize, but it may give them an excuse...
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Hello: jcraft

I agree. That premix is not likley to have been the cause of the noise.

More likely or very possible the noise is a cracked ring or a damaged rotary valve, if the engine isn't a port exhausted system. Depends upon engine design and other factors of the manufacturer and specific engine design what type of intake and exaust system is used.

A wrist pin or crank rod may also be a possible cause, among the possible causes. But not likely an oil premix condition as the cause. Rest easy. Most likely the engine will be repaired and or replaced, or so we hope.

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