Hour Meter/Tachometer


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Hour Meter/Tachometer

I am not sure if this is the best category to post my question, but here goes...I recently purchased a portable sawmill powered by a 20 HP Honda 2 cyl gasoline engine. I placed an order for an hour meter/tachometer to keep track of running time for maintenance purposes. When I received the meter which just has an induction pick-up wrapped around the spark plug cable, is stated on the package that it was for one or two cylinder engines without an oil filter. Does anyone have any idea what the presence of an oil filter would have to do with the applicability of an induction hour meter? I am quite puzzled by this.
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i've installed dozens of these from different mfg's and never read that. looking at the instructions for the " maintenance minder" from Prefereed Power Inc., engine applications, it reads "the maintenance minder can be used on any lawn mower type engines. the only limitation is the spark firing frequency must be greater than or equal to 10 hz. as most engines are operating at 20 or 40 spark firings per second, compatibility is not a problem." i run them on singles, twins, splash and pressure lube engines. all i can think of is it may have something to do with honda's oil alert system.
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At 20 hp, I'm sure you have a twin. Your meters induction wrap is per one cylinder. At 3600rpm your meter should record 1800 per minute X number of hours.

Follow the recommened maintenance schedule and I'm sure you will sufice the engine! The fact that it does or does not have a filter is no concern.

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