starting without pull cord


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starting without pull cord

Can I start my line trimmer engine ( this is to power a bicycle)with a cordless drill if I modify the shaft to accept the drill with a socket at the end
The drill is a Ryobi 14.4 v and I think it should spin fast enough
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I would think that it should work, if it has enough torque. I am trying to visualize your setup. Are you going to friction drive one of the wheels on the bike? If that's the case, you could probably pedal the bike then engage the friction drive, That should spin the motor fast enough to get it running.
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This is most interesting! I agree with goldstar and I too am wondering your setup. The drill should have enough power to turn the crank. What is your setup? How is your engine mated to your cycle?

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Now thats an interesting project !,are you going to carry a cordless drill with you as you cruise around on this ?
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I see you're using a Homelite ST-XXX line-trimmer power unit. The trouble you're going to have is the fact that the only thing you're going to crank over is the clutch drum, not the engine, unless, somehow, you have welded the two together. In which case you will have direct drive...something, I'm sure, you don't want! This power unit has a half-crankshaft and therfore nothing on the rear of the engine to attach your "starter" to. I'd look for a full cranked, rear-mount rewind starter power unit if I were you. You could then have either the already-there pull start or you can remove the rewind starter and use the set-up you're trying to accomplish. The only thing there would be that clutch set-up you're using currently will be hard to find on a full cranked engine.
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I also have a featherlite weedeater engine.
this one is direct drive with out a clutch. It is only an 18cc but I have read that it will do about 25mph.
If i put a skateboard wheel on the spindle it should mount above the tire to make it direct drive.
I wonder if i can spin the wheel and pop start it the same way the rc gas airplane engines are started.
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I am lost when it comes to taking the clutch off the homelite.
all screws are off the body and the plastic wont come off.
I like the craftsman 4 cycle 34cc motor but I dont want to pay for the whole trimmer just to get the engine.
Where can i get equal size engins?

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