2 acres of leaves....please advise


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Arrow 2 acres of leaves....please advise

Ok i thought i was this almighty powerfull man, went out and bought a blower / vacuum (gas) to pick up the leaves on my property, after a days work, i got no where..

I returned my investment.

Please, can anyone tell me what i can get for under $400 to pick up these leaves thats not so labor intensive.

I was looking at the lawn mowers rear bag with the mulching option, but not to sure since i have never bought a lawn mower before.

If any one has any advice please help this not so almighty bad back man out.
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Hello: beltman

Have you considered a lawn vacuum? Looks and operates like a push rotory lawn mower but the bottom underside is sealed. Has a rear catch bag like a lawn mower. Front end has a vacuum attachment and some models come with a branch and twig shredder. Several brands to choose from. Check Sears and several or all the local lawn mower shops in your area.

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To stay within your budget, check out these http://www.agri-fab.com/lawnsweepers.html
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thank you very much for your replys i just ordered the agri-push lawn sweeper, hope this makes life a little easier.

Again thank you

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I may be misunderstanding you, and if so I appologize, but I take it you have 2 acres and no lawn mower? The sweeper will work great over short grass, but if you have no mower, I'm guessing that the turf/grass/undergrowth is fairly long, and will reduce the ability of the sweeper a lot.
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I'm going to second the lawn vacuum option. I have the 4.5HP version from Sears that I bought used a couple of years ago and it's worked GREAT. The one disadvantage is that if you have pine needles that get down below the top of the grass, it won't get them. But if you have big fluffy leaves, it will get nearly all of them and mulch them at the same time before depositing them in the rear bag. I would spend a little more to get the bigger version that's close to $600 as it has a handheld hose option and larger motor (more suction). Also ,these units have the capacity to chip up to 1 1/2" branches.

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