10 HP Kohler bogging down after a few minutes


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10 HP Kohler bogging down after a few minutes

Hi all. I've got a K241 on an old Colt garden tractor. The electrical was all replaced last winter (coil, condenser, plug, points), and the engine was rebuilt the year prior. The only thing I've not done is touched the carburetor.

After running for 5 minutes or so, it's started bogging down under any kind of a load, including putting it in gear. Belches black smoke, sometimes I can get it smoothed out by dropping it to idle and playing with the choke. I think it's definitely flooding out, as if it dies or I shut it off, you can see a few droplets of gas come out the carb, and you can definitely smell it. Then it's hard to get started.

Do you think it's the carb, and I should get a rebuild kit for it? Thanks for any help!
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really..........old? yes its time pretty much for a rebuild, any small engine shop should be able to get a kit for you, you have to have your model numbers and such ready. black smoke is a rich condition, it leaks gas? from the float bowl? or does it literally pour out? float may be bad then, sunk from being full of gas. or needle and seat needs replacement, otherwise, it should have adjustment screws, high and low, idle and full throttle speed screws. 1.5 turns out from going in snug as a baseline, then fine tune when warmed up till it hardly hesitates when throwing the throttle up. check the needle tips for damage. you can go over it with some carb cleaner as well.
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Thanks for the tips. When it dies, the gas doesn't literally flow out, but you can see droplets spray out, and occasionally it'll backfire a little spout of flame (noticed this with the air cleaner off, trying to figure out wha'ts going on). Sounds like it's ready for a rebuild.
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Sounds like the carb needs cleaning/rebuilding. Possibly a valve adjustment as well if the carb doesn't straighten it out.

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