Sears Snowblower advice


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Sears Snowblower advice

Visited Sears tonight after noting that the 9hp model 88790 was a CR best but pick. Sears price was $999 but they had a one night 10% off sale anything.

Comparing models I noticed a model 88190 which appeared to be a twin, same engine, scoops size ect. for $799.

The diiferences I could see 88790 vs 88190 besides $200 was

16inch vs 15inch tires
cable controlled chute vs manual crank turnrod
headlight vs none
dual wheel disengage triggers vs none

Now I like the power of both 9hp models after owning a 5hp model but for $200 difference I think I can live without a 1 inch bigger wheel, manual chute control and a headlight.

But what I have a question about is, has anyone used the dual wheel disengage triggers. I could see manuvering in the garage maybe but are they that useful in operation?

I picked up the 88190 figuring I can return it if I decide it was a mistake.

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In theory the axle lock (differential) levers are good, but in execution they're prone to freezing up. Not only are the mechanisms themselves likely to rust/corrode but so are the cables as well. As for the headlight, that's a matter of personal need/want. The 16" tires will have very little noticeable advantage.
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I'd really want the headlight, but not for $200 extra. I think you are so far above the 5 HP model you have now, that you will be very happy with it.
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The thing I like about sears is they stand behind what they sell.
If you like the extra options, spend the $200. You won't buy another anytime soon.

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