Generac Guardian Generator Oil Issue


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Generac Guardian Generator Oil Issue

Good afternoon.

I have a 7kw Generac Guardian Stand-By Generator (propane). This weekend, I was outside when it began its weekly autostart function, and noticed that it shut-down right away (it did start- it usually runs for 12 minutes, or so). I opened it up to look at the panel and saw that the Low Oil indicator was on. I checked to oil and it was fine. I attempted to have it go through its autostart process again, and again it shut down.

I then switched it over to a manual start, and it started and ran. I let it warm up a bit, then shut it back down and tried autostart a third time. This time, it started and cycled completely.

My original thought is that with the colder nights we've had lately her in MA, that perhaps I have too heavy an oil in it that thickened with the cold, so the low oil pressure switch was getting a false reading. However, I have Mobil 1 synthetic 5W30, as recommended in the manual (not the Mobil part, the synthetic 5W30 part), which is essentially as light as I could go, no?
This leads me to believe that it could be a faulty oil-pressure switch.

Anyone else ever have an issue like this?
Anyone have any other ideas?

Generator was purchased new from Lowes 3 years ago, sat in a barn for 2 years, and was installed and functional this spring (new construction).

Thanks in advance.
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The low oils pressure switch is usually to blame for non-starting problems with these generators. In this case, the generator started, indicating the switch had functioned properly by opening. The switch then closed, sending a signal to the control board and giving you the light. The problem may have been some air trapped in the oil filter which would not let the system build up to its required 8 PSI. If the generator had tried to start during a power outtage and not a test, the generator would have tried to start several times which could effectively clear the oil passage ways. Make sure you run the engine for a few minutes before checking the oil (just like a car). The oil level will drop as soon as the unit starts cranking and could have also caused this problem. The oil you are running can be used in temps below freezing, so you are fine in that area. Hope this little bit of info helps.
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your fine on the oil, especially synthetic, they do flow alot better than conventional under the same temp, 5w-30 is perfectly fine, you could go lower if you have really low temps and use a 0w-30 acts like a 30....
5w, 0w, 10w,etc. has index modifiers to flow easy under cold temps.

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