18 hp carb problems ?


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18 hp carb problems ?

I have a bs 18 hp 400700 2 cyl I am haveing probs with, Untill today it ran fin with the choke set 1/2 way, Now I have to start it with full choke and it runs for 3 mins and dies any thoughts ???

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It could be starving for fuel. Once the machine is warmed up after a couple of minutes, the choke should be full off. Take the carb off and give it a good cleaning. Check for any warn parts. Float height in the bowl could be set to low?
What are the high and low speed screws set at?
Is the gas new or from last season?
Is there varnish build-up in the carb?
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even after 15 starts it still quits after 3 to 4 mins of running, New gas also replaced the plugs last month, there only seems to be 1 adjustment screw on the carb itself dead center front right under the fuel pump.

Any thoughts on how far backed out this one should be 1 1/2 turns ? The only thing diff this week to last is its like 40 degrees colder.

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i would try to clean the carb....couldn't hurt. yes on the screw, more then likely the idle mix. does it die after those couple minutes on choke? probablly just needs a warm up to operate right.
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Go ahead and pull the top off the carb and give the carb a good cleaning. These are notorious for this problem, and a cleaning fixes it almost every time. There is a jet in the bottom of the bowl. You can see it through the drain plug on the side of the carb. Make sure it is clear. I think you may just have a bit of water in the carb. You'll know when you look in it.

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