tecumseh after rebuild problem


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tecumseh after rebuild problem

I have a 8hp tecumseh #tvm195 150128j ser.3249c done a rebuild new rings cut seats done valves got it running run good needed ajustment on carb. but i can't keeping from wanting to run wide open the linkage is right it don't seem to be in a bind and now i'm getting gas into the oil i mean alot so if somebodycould please tell me what i done wrong and maybe how to fix it thanks......
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sounds like the governor needs adjusting...., as for the gas in the oil.....one point i make sure off, change the oil before you use it!.... it's the float, could be sticking, or it has filled up with gas ( may feel heavy or slosh) or it needs a new inlet needle and seat. that or it isn't adjusted correctly, leaving the inlet needle open. or it could be you maybe rebuilt the carb? inlet needle and seat done... seat put in wrong or not in good...
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tecumseh after rebuild problem

well i have had that carb. off cleaned real well and put all new stuff in it new float needle and seat .the seat is in the right they may have giving me the wrong one i guess that's posiable i'll redo it agian the govener i've tryed to adjust it but it's not working i'll try to adjust somemore thanks......
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Be sure the governor adjustment is correct! Loosen the screw holding the arm to the shaft, turn the clip counterclockwise while holding the arm to the left and tighten the screw down. If this is correct already and you know the linkage is correct then you will have an internal governor problem...either the gear or the spool or both.

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