Tecumseh 3hp won't start


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Angry Tecumseh 3hp won't start

I am working on a 1990 Toro CCR 1000 snowblower (model 38190, #4068). It has a Tecumseh 3hp 2-stroke. It will not start.

I grounded the plug to the head, and there is a blue spark. I concluded that the ignition is good. The spark plug should be replaced, but I think that's a minor issue. I opened up the carb bowl and found some bad gas, which I emptied and sprayed with brake cleaner. I also sprayed the float, which was green and gunky. The brake cleaner didn't do much. I then cleaned the float bowl bolt with a wire brush, and sprayed the remaining gunk out. The hole in the bolt is visible.

I sprayed some Deep Creep (Sea Foam) into the cylinder at BDC, and some more into the choke, figuring this would be enough fuel to start and run it for a few seconds. Was this a mistake? Is it possible to flood a 2-cycle motor?

I took the plug out and it was wet. Any ideas?

Last year, I was playing around with it and got it to start and run for a few seconds while standing on the auger. It would not start when sitting level.
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well, carb cleaner instead of brake cleaner..... as for deep creep, no but gas or starting fluid would've done better... it really sounds like the carb needs to be soaked in carb cleaner, blowed out with air and carb cleaner, and a rebuild kit to fix it...make sure the float isn't heavy or sloshes. if it does it needs to be replaced as well. that rancid gas will gum a carb up good.
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OK I have same issue, a HSM600 3hp tecumseh.

Now I checked my spark and it is occuring at BDC (bottom dead center), instead at TDC. I'm fixing a friends snapper.

The flywheel key is broken, but I put in new key and I get sparc at BDC. There is an adapter on the crank that adapts the flywheels larger key to the smaller crank key.

so anyway

1- have you checked when the spark is occuring ?? TDC or BDC
2- is you Flywheel key broke
3- how hot is your sparc?

Let me know what happens
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You do need to soak the carburetor in a bath type cleaner. Even that might take several tries before it gets clean enough to run if it has the green crud in it.

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