Toro S200 and CCR Powerlite Snowblowers


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Toro S200 and CCR Powerlite Snowblowers

My Toro S200 model 38130 electric start snowblower won't start. I plug it in,press on the starter button and nothing happens. I have found a round plastic disc/gear detached inside the underbody. What parts must I order to repair this S200?

I also have a CCR Toro Powerlite model 38175 snowblower that will start and run, but I can't get it to turn off. The key switch OFF doesn't stop it and the only way I can shut it down is to slide it to full choke and turn it on it's side or upside down. What is your suggestion on parts to fix this machine?

I really like these small machines to clear the wooden deck and walks. We have larger tractor mounted throwers for the big stuff. I live in the prime snow belt in northern Michigan and the season is just starting.
Thank you for any help.
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for the first one, check all the connections....does it make any noise? like humming? the push button may need replacing, but you could try it without the kill wire hooked to the coil to rule out any kill switches. for the second one, the key switch sounds bad, but there should be a wire to the key ignition, if it fell out or broke, that needs fixing, don't choke it out for right now, just pull the plug wire and leave it off to one side.
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The plug wire will be very inconvenient to get at on this's buried under cowling. As for the starter, you will have to remove it and perform a bench test to determine where exactly the trouble is - button box or the starter itself. That is if you've already ruled out your extension cord as well as the outlet you're using. For the key switch, there should be two wires going to it - one to a ground on the engine and the other to the ignition coil.

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