cant start MTD 8hp Tecumseh Snow King HMSK80 snowthrower


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cant start MTD 8hp Tecumseh Snow King HMSK80 snowthrower


I have an 8hp MTD Tecumseh Snow King snowthrower (HMSK80) that I can't start. It has been used 2 seasons (I purchased it new) and has about 10 hours on it. I was advised to use Sta-bil gas stabilizer in it, which I did, but now have been told I should have drained it instead. It uses an electric start, but won't start. When I tried to start it, it sluggishly tried to start once or twice, fuel dumped out from under the fuel bowl onto the ground, (there is a rubber hose next to the bowl, but I am not sure exactly where the fuel was dumping out from) and then it wouldn't even try to turn over. I drained the fuel out of the gas tank, but don't know where to go from here. It has now been sitting about a year and a half since then. Any ideas?


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Hello Dustman

Sounds to me that even tho you put Sta-bil gas stabilizer in it,that after 16-24 months the feul in the carb.went bad and varnished needs a good cleaning.Be sure to clean the tency tiney hole between the threads and all the way down the center of the bowl nut.This is where the engine gets all of the fuel it runs on.
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same here, stabil's good, so i would keep using it, but it just offsets the spoiling of the fuel. too long and it can still gum up.
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Hey guys! Thanks so much, I will definately take your advice and let you know how it turns out!

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I found chasing carb problems not fun. I just bought a new one, they're only $55 or so.

And I boiught a rebuild kit for the old one to work on now that I don't need it!
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Don't know about yours, but my 8 HP snow king has a spring loaded pushbutton on the bottom of the float bowl to empty it. In the spring I empty the gas tank and empty the float bowl. Been doing this for 7 yrs and haven't had a carb problem yet.

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