long time between starts


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long time between starts

I have a small generator that may go for weeks or months without being started. When it comes time to put it in service it is very hard to start. I know there is gas additives or possibly oil heaters for cold periods, can anyone offer any advice on this. I also have a deisel skid steer that doesn't get started on a regular basis either. I don't have access to this equiptment all the time or I would start and run them on a regular schedule. Thank you for any suggestions you may have.
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fuel stabilizer.....one of the well known would be sta-bil. make sure the oils full, if its gonna be started in the cold. don't use a straight weight oil. use a multi viscosity. what brand engine is on the generator? you could use a syn 5w-30, acts like a 30 weight, but acts like a 5 to flow better in the cold, syns flow a little better. as for the deisel, what oil is in it now? 15w-40? should be alright as long as it doesn't get too cold. and keep the gas tanks full to prevent condensation of water. could use a dry gas ( basically isopropyl alcohol )

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