cherry red muffler


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cherry red muffler

Hello guys
I sure hope you can help me on this one?
I have a murray rear engine riding mower that i am working on.
The engine is a tecumseh 10hp model is tvxl220 93 model.
The mower has set up for one mowing season without being run.
Drained out old gas,throttle and choke was stuck wide open.Soaked carb and parts in carb cleaner rebuilt carb set float height using tecumseh float tool.And preset carb to the proper settings.The problem that i am having now is when you finely get it started and staying running.In about 5 minutes time the muffler will get cherry red and the heat out of the muffler will be so hot it will melt the right rear tire.I checked for spark and compression the compression is 55 pounds.I did not know if it could be a timing problem or a valve problem? Thanks alot mowerman.
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well dude,with 55 LBS.compresson it cranks as well as can be expected (should be at lest 60) But i think that,ether it running too rich or valve lost most of it's clearance.I don't have on Tecumseh in front of me now
maybe someone else does.

I think that clearance is something like 0.010 ??????????????
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Valve clearance: .008 - .012

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