Tecumseh snowblower leaking oil


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Bob Noel
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Tecumseh snowblower leaking oil

I just acquired a 5 hp Tecumseh powered snowblower that is leaking oil from high in the engine behind the carb cover after it gets warmed up.It runs like a bear. The dip stick was missing when I got it.Do you think there is too much oil in it?How much oil does this engine require?If I keep running it like it is, will the oil stop leaking when the excess leaks out if that is the problem?
Thank you for any advice,Bob
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did you replace it with the original style oem dipstick, to be accurate at measuring.... then just fill a little at a time till it reaches the full mark, forget exact amount, probablly 20 ounces or so. someone else with know on that. as for the leaking, you'll have to take that cover off to see exactly, could be breather gasket?
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You're most likely leaking from the breather tube. It's located behind the carb. If you have too much oil it will blow out through there but I would suggest getting the proper dipsitck and get your machine back to the proper level because when you have too much oil, you can possibly blow out seals and not too mention the oil leaks on your garage floor.

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Here, here to sno. Post back with the engines' model and spec. numbers and I'll provide the fill-tube, gasket, o-ring and dipstick part numbers. Also, it is imperative you use SAE5W30 oil. Anything heavier and it will come out the breather tube as well (as being over-filled).
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750 ml will fill it when empty
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How'd you make out Bob?

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