5HP snowblower hard starting?


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5HP snowblower hard starting?

Hi, I have a snowblower with a 5HP Briggs and Stratton (130212-0764) that takes a long time to start even using quick start. It starts alot easier once warmed up. I reset the spark plug gap(.30") and replaced the breaker points and condenser. Then I reset the armature gap (.012"). This engine was built in 1977 so it's seen better days. I guess I should be lucky that it still runs at all. Oh yeah, I also took off the carb and cleaned it and put a new pick up tube on it and diaphram etc. Any other suggestions?
Another question, The engine boggs down under load and was wondering wich way should I turn the governor to adjust it? Is it clockwise or counterclockwise?


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was the carb adjusted right? (1.5 turns out from snug as a baseline, then fine tune when warmed up) hard starting could be from low compression as well, valves not seating, head gasket, rings....
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I would not try adjusting the governor. There is only one proper setting for the governor, and it is set that way from the factory and never needs adjusting from then on. Most likely V8 is right about the hard starting problem. I think you'll probably find that the valve clearances need adjusting.

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