Toro Snowblower surging- CCR 2000e


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Toro Snowblower surging- CCR 2000e

I have a Toro CCR 2000 (model number 38185) that is surging. It is a single stage 2 cycle model.

I understand from a search that I most likely need to clean and rebuild the carb. In general it shouldn't be a problem as I have successfully worked on car engines and other mechanical things before. I have the plastic cowl removed and have full access to the carb. I did already clean the bowl, hoping for a quick easy fix.

My questions:
- Is there anything specific/unique I need to do during the rebuild? I have searched the web for a couple hours now and I haven't found any instructions and very little advice. Its cold out in the garage and I don't want to spend any more time then necessary working on this. I also can not afford to be without a snowblower any significant time at this time of the year. Would have been a great summer project had I thought far enough ahead to test the machine.

- Needle value adjustment... Also from a search I gather I should start with 1-1/2 turns out from fully closed. Correct?

- Are there any other specific adjustments I need to be aware of?

- Once I get it back togther how do I properly set the running speed? How fast should the engine run?

Can any one tell me with parts (part numbers) I will need?

Thanks for your help!
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Just noticed the sticky

I just noticed the sticky at the top of the list. Ooops.

Well any advice specific to the Toro?
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Okay, I cleaned the carb all out with carb cleaner, put it all back together and it still surges for about 5 minutes. After it is warm it seems to settle down.

I learned through some more searching on the internet that I have a Suzuki engine and a Mikuni carb on this model.

There is only one adjustment needle on the outside of the carb. It must be a cold start adjustment(?) because turning it had no effect on how the engine ran- I started playing with this after the snowblower was running for a couple minutes. Unfortunately while turning it I lost track of its origanl setting. Any idea what a good starting point for this is?

Any tips on adjusting the governor? Assuming this component goes out of adjustment?
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Surging is caused by lack of fuel. There is a fixed jet in the mikuni and it is inside the carb. You will have to remove the float bowl and float to see the brass jet. It is screwed into the centre tube from the side. Looks like a small screw (slotted driver) with a hole in the centre. Take it out and clean it with a small wire--do not force something too big in there. This little orifice is a very precise size. There may also be a jet in the centre under the screw that holds the bowl on. Clean that one too. You should be good to go if you do those two things.


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