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Reccomend a snowblower

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Join Date: May 2002
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12-17-05, 09:16 AM   #1  
Reccomend a snowblower

Hi-Im looking to buy a snowblower-something that is self-propelled, but will not "get away" from me. I am a woman with average strength. I know it will cost more than $600. Any advice? Thanks-I totally appreciate it! Jina

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12-17-05, 06:28 PM   #2  
I have tested a MTD Ranch King 8HP 2-stage snow thrower that performed really well. It also had electric start which is a very nice feature. They sell for $680.00 here in Minnesota. We just had a 9 inch snow and it threw snow 20 feet or more. 6 speeds in forward and 2 in reverse. Plenty of power.

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12-17-05, 07:54 PM   #3  
Well Im not sure what your budget or needs are. I just bought a top-of -the-line Toro Power Max snowthrower. It has an 11HP engine, electric start (pull start back-up), two stage discharge, and is self propelled with 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse. Ive never owned a snowthrower before and this Toro seems very easy to handle although like learning to drive a car it takes a bit to get the hang of it. We just had a 16" snowstorm here in eastern Massachusetts and the snowblower was great (first use). My wife has not tried it yet but Im sure she could handle it. A woman neighbor of mine has a older snowblower as big as mine and she seems to handle it just fine.

Ar far a choice of snowblower that has a lot to do with the expected amount of snow and your wallet. I wanted a very powerfull machine as we tend to get lots of snow here in New England and alot of times its wet and heavy. Also because i live on a dend end street I can have a 36" snowbank at the end of my driveway from a 12" snowstorm. My choice came down between the Ariens 11528 Deluxe and the Toro 1128 OXE. They are both good brand names for snowblowers. Another neighbor has an Ariens and loves it but I read alot of great reviews on the Toro and went with that. The same basic Toro model can be had with 8, 10, or 11HP engines. So if you dont want/need the most powerfull engine than you can same a lot of money. Basicallyt the more HP the farther and faster the machine can move the snow. I admit the 11HP model I bought is probably overkill but I looked at it as an investment in piece of mind (I have a 2-1/2 yo son and if I need to get my car out of the driveway and am plowed in this machine will quickly get me out).

Good luck,

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12-17-05, 11:13 PM   #4  
Your question is answered only by what you expect a blower to do. A wider scoop means less passes to clear. More HP is a farce. A twelve Horse Power revs the same as a five. About 3000 RPM is factory setting. They all turn that speed unless you get into high end stuff like Honda. A five horse Craftsman is a great little machine. It is easy to man(woman)handle and takes up less room for storage. It burns less fuel for the same amount of hours. They also come with electric starts and lights and if the conditions are right will blow snow 30 feet just like a big one. Difference being that it does not blow as much at one time. So--if you have a 300 yard driveway you want a biggie;means less passes to clear it. If you have a weenie (driveway)I would go for a 5 horse. Awesome little machine and at Sears you can take it back and say 'I'm not happy with this'. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Most other dealers will not do that. They usually want money for useage if in fact they do take it back.


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12-19-05, 12:59 AM   #5  
How much snow do you get and how large an area do you have to clear?

The Ariens 7524E Compact weighs around 165 lbs and costs about $725.

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