Throttle Doesn't Work on old Sno-Thro


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Throttle Doesn't Work on old Sno-Thro

I am working on a 1986 Ariens Sno-Thro with a 3.5 hp Tecumseh engine. The model number for the engine is HSK35-45589R. The model number for this carb is 632378A. It had not been run in 8 years when I got it. I had to take the carb apart and clean it out with carb cleaner before it would run.

When I first started dialing the carb settings I was doing it without the air box covering the carb. (I didn't know the box would effect the settings at the time) I was able to dial it in with a with setting that were about .25 turns richer than recommended. (recommended is 1 turn out on the idle and 1.5 on the main) It ran GREAT! When I would lift the throttle lever it would idle up to high rpms smooth as butter.

Before I continue I need to say this:
The throttle assembly goes like this:
Throttle lever Spring Throttle connecting arm Throttle linkage Wire Throttle

Then I put the air box over the carb, thinking my work here was done. Not so. I guess the air box restricts just enough air to make a difference, so I had to lean out my setting to the 1/1.5 setting to get it to run smoothly. However, I noticed that my throttle lever was set to idle but it was giving me much higher RPMs than with the air box off. I then tried to open the throttle lever up... No change. No matter what throttle position I put the lever in, it just continued to idle at a relativly fast pace.

When I move the throttle lever to the open position the spring just expands, but the Throttle connecting arm does not move. I can reach in and pull the Throttle connecting arm with my finger then it opens up right away.

Is it possible that the spring attaching the two levers on a twenty year old machine is just fatigued? Or could there be something else at play here?
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Without seeing a picture of the throttle assy all I can say is when you put the heat shroud(air box?) on, it must be binding with something. When you set up a carb with out the shroud,yes, you may have some changes ,albeit minor, when you put it back on but it should not interfere with the controls. I just redid a 3.5 hp Ariens last year but it had the throttle control lever system mounted on the starter shroud.
If you have a pic, I would love to see it so I may be able to get some furthur insight.


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