Lawnmower Lights Question


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Lightbulb Lawnmower Lights Question

Hey to all. I have 89' MTD Silver Edition, 12 h/p Briggs I/C and i would like to know some ideas. I am workin on a trail, mud, mower that will run about 20 to 30 mph. The lights i have on it now work but are not powerful enough to light up most of whats in front of the mower, even at full throttle. I reckon they run off the power of the engine, bc they dim down the lower the rpms go. I would like some ideas on how to provide ultimate power to the lights to brighten them up some. I dont really want to run power from the lil sorry battery to the lights because this model lawnmower come with a factory mounting hole for a motorcycle battery which dies out after about 20-25 cranks. I was thinkin about fabricating a mount for a small alternator to run power to light and whatever else electrical i will mount. Ideas would be appreciated.
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i have a old murray, 1980 something.... lights run off the alternator, uses sealed headlights, gives pretty great light, both are 12volt rated, as for the mower having a motorcycle battery, a motorcycle battery's alot smaller then a lawn and garden, but of course, you can always use a high CA and CCA lawn a garden or car battery.
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shouldn't be too hard to graft an alternator under the chassis somewhere, drive it off the engine pto pulley. (check rotation) sounds like the alternator in your engine is not working anyway. you still need a battery but a small tractor battery should be fine. a 55watt halogen will take around 5 amps
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The newer generators under the flywheel put out more power than the older ones but they are too expensive to replace for your needs. You can buy halogen lites for bicycles with long lasting rechargable battery packs and hi-lo beams. I use em when hunting on my bicycle. They are great but expensive. They last for about 6 hours before needing charged.

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