Tiller throttle linkages


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Tiller throttle linkages

Hello all,

It's been a while since I've posted... and I now have a question that's not answered on the B&S parts diagram .pdf files that are avalialbe.

My tiller has a 3.5hp B&S motor on it.. Model 91202 Type 0126

Last summer, the tiller started running at VERY low RPM's and would die when put under load... So.. now, that we're in winter, and I have time for the project, here's what I've found & done so far:

It turned out that I had a "series of unfortunate events" that led to the poor performance of the ole' 3.5hp tiller motor.

a) My mixture screw somehow got moved or worked it's way WAAAY too rich - bogging down the RPM's
b) My throttle linkage is missing *something*. I've downloaded B&S's parts diagrams for my motor - but the carb picture does not list what linkage goes exactly *where*. I can manually stick my finger up under the air filter housing and move the throttle linkage to open up the carb throat - and it runs strongly at full RPM's - but something on the throttle control on the side of the motor needs to be connected.. and isn't.
c) Water & sludge in my gas tank. All cleaned out, now, and a fresh home-cut gasket between the carb body & tank.

Need I say more? No more letting the tiller sit in the yard during the off-season (that *is* why I have 2 storage sheds & a workshop) . I think the gas cap vent holes let rain in there and it took it's toll slowly.... I've got the choke control hooked up just fine... but I still need to find a good diagram of the linkage on the throttle control and make sure I have that hooked up right.

I'll post a pic tomorrow after I get some daylight.. but does anyone here have a diagram of this model and how the throttle linkages go back together? It may be that I'm missing a spring or somesuch linkage...

Rex S.
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1.5 turns out from snug on the needle, don't wrench it down, but this is only just to get it going, fine tune when warmed up.
horizontal crank? forgot how the linkage goes myself, someone else may know more, pics would help on it......

and yes the holes in the cap/ combo of untreated gas and condensation for the water and sludge in there. would've used a oem gasket though.
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Okay - Here's 4 pics of the linkages:

I'm fairly certain that there's supposed to be a spring in there somewhere, but there's not one.. I suppose it may have popped off sometime last summer... I can get a new one from the local B&S service center (yes - along with a new "real" B&S gasket).. but I'd still need to know where it connects to.

Thanks for any help possible,

Overall Pic before removing airbox

Airbox removed, throttle (lower control in "off position")

Airbox removed, throttle (lower control in "on position")

Airbox removed, throttle (lower control in "on position" - another view)

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should be about like a 5hp, you are missing a spring, one from that loop on the link that opens the butterfly, closest to the engine, (the long one) to a place around the levers themselves, though in the pictures, can't tell exactly for yours.

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