Problem with Sears Craftsman 16" Chainsaw

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Problem with Sears Craftsman 16" Chainsaw

Hello all,

New here, and like to say Hi.

Im having problems with my:

Sears Craftsman Chainsaw {Gas Powered} 16 " 36cc engine.

The Saw, starts and runs perfectly. But when I let off the idle, the Chain continues to spin, non stop, and then the engine completely dies when I let off the throttle. Literrally just shuts off, and if it doesnt shut off the chain keeps spinning.

Ive checked the brake on the Bar, and it isnt too low, in fact the bar is brand new so I dont think its the break. My dad said to adjust the Idle but Im not sure how to do so, as I dont have the manual and cant find one on the internet. Any Suggestions?
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Hello Dan, and welcome!

I believe you have fuel problems, most likely due to a dirty carburetor. You might try taking the carb apart and cleaning it out well. If you have the two fuel adjustment screws on the carb, locate them (2 screws side by side on carb) and try backing out the one farthest from the air filter 1/8 to 1/4 turn or so and see if that helps. If not, time to clean the carb.
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You may have an issue with the centrifugal clutch having weak spring(s). How old is the saw? If newer, then it likely is carburetor issues, If older, then consider the clutch. Does the engine seem to try to idle the same speed (RPM's) as it always has? And just can't because of the extra load caused by the clutch?
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I know these saws inside out. The choke is also the fast idle cam. When you pull the choke on it steps up to fast idle. If you push the choke in without touching the throttle it stays on fast idle. On fast idle the chain has to turn because the clutch is engaged. As soon as you touch the throttle it kicks down to slow idle. The chain should stop and the engine should idle slowly. From what I read in your post is that as soon as you takle it off high idle it stalls. That is a simple setting of the throttle position screw. (The top adjusting screw that is all by itself.) The high speed and low speed are close together and are marked H and L. Simply turn the throttle position screw in until it idles properly then adjust the low speed screw (very slight turning) until it runs as fast and smooth as possible . Re-adjust the idle speed and you're good to go.


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