B&S timing


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B&S timing

Hi, I keep throwing off the timing on my B&S 5hp snowblower model 130212-0764 built in 77. I recently did a tune-up on it to try to get it to start easier without using quickstart. Tune up included new condenser and breaker points, head gasket, valves reseated and clearances checked. I ran it for a while then tried the auger and it stalled, could not start it again so I checked the spark and found it not very good. Sooooo I pulled the flywheel again and found the key damaged and replaced it. I ran it again and adjusted the idle and top no load speed then tested it with very light snow (2cm). It worked ok but when I shut it off I couldn't restart it again. I checked the spark again with an inline tester and it was weak again. I'm thinking maybe I didn't tighten the flywheel nut tight enough. Any thoughts or ideas? I didn't hit anything with the auger to damage the key.
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should be 55ft. pounds, make sure the key, the slot is clean of any oil, rust, and trash.
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Another thing, I'd forget the points and condenser and just replace the coil. New coils come with solid-state ignition modules that don't rely on moving parts (poinst) to give correct timing. They are much more accurate and trouble-free.
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Also, along with a torque wrench, a Briggs clutch wrench, part# 19244, would be of great help to torque such down properly.
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briggs part # 394970. magnetron conversion for most two leg coil systems. about 15.00
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Yes, to flop, or, 397385 solid state coil...about $36.

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