snowblower starter


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snowblower starter

I just got a 2 year old MTD 8HP(Tecumseh snow king)snow blower with electric start. I won't spin or engage but hums when you puch the button(as long as plugged into a regular outlet,pops GFI immediately). Any ideas?
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I should clarify it works fine with the pull/recoil starter.
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sounds like the starter shaft is seized to one or both of the bushings. Try to turn the starter shaft with pliers. If you can't try disassembling it and check things out.
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try it in a non gfci receptacle. if it works check the ground wire on the cord. i'm not an electrician but i've seen a few things that just don't like gfci's and show no sign of a ground fault when operating on a standard receptacle. perhaps an expert could explain this in another post. polarity problem ?
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I wouldn't recommend the pliers trick as you could further damage the starter. I'd pull it off to do a proper inspection. Only the two lower mounting screws need to be removed to have it on the bench.
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Well I disassembled the starter and found rotating inner assembly had rusted to the outer magnet structure in 2 small spots. I tapped it appart with a hammer and claened up everything and also where the brushes make contact. What a pain in the A$$ resetting the 4 brushes is while sliding the assembly back together(I used heavy toothpicks between the brush wires and pushed down a nearby hole to keep the brush and springs compressed until all was back in place). The starter now spins great and the Bendix drive works good since I lightly lubed it,BUT It still trips any GFI outlet instantly. I think I am going to put standard outlets in anyway because I have to replace them every year(no matter what type I use and they are in "Weather Boxes") because the slightest amount of oxidation causes them to trip.

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