Snowblower engine size compatability


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Snowblower engine size compatability

I would like to know what size/family engines are compatible to use to replace a 8HP Tecumseh snow king model#HM80-155361N, Ser#8245R. It is on a 88/89 Simplicity 860. I haven't removed it yet, so I don't know any of the engine specs-Shaft size,etc. I am hoping to go bigger(maybe 13HP) Any info/help would be greatly appreciated.

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most likely bigger won't work. crank diameter, loacation, etc. check with your local honda engine dealer for a replacement 8 hp gx series. you'll be happy with it.
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The crank size isn't that big of a concern since I have now found 3 sources for pulleys "By Dimension" with several choices for a 1" shaft. I don't know the bolt pattern measurements(still on machine) to compare.
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The engine mounts the same on a 13 horse as does an 8 horse. The only difference there might be (and i'm unsure since I don't currently have a 13 horse on hand to measure) is the height at the center of the crankshaft, although I believe they're the same.
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The shaft height on HMSK80-110 are the same 4.176". I think the larger engines are 4.4 or 4.6. Changing shaft height on a snow blower is not fun, and results in non-standard belts, etc.

I think the large B&S Intek Snow wngines have the correct shaft height, but have a different mounting pattern. That's pretty easy to accomplish.

Most on-line vendors have line drawings, and also have notes, like "Shaft height is 4.17". Mounting holes will have to be redrilled if you are replacing a Tecumseh engine."

I called Tecumseh and B&S customer service when I wanted to replace an old Tecumseh H50 on an old Ariens. Tecumseh was helpful, B&S was really helpful and even sent a data sheet on what was required.
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I have purchased a 11HP Briggs Snow Engine(couldn't pass up the deal!!) to replace my old 8HP Tecumseh Snow King. I have been told by more than one dealer who sell Simplicity that they use either engine interchangeably when one supplier can't meet their needs. I am hoping that the swap won't be a NIGHTMARE. The things we do for MORE POWER?!
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Some Simplicity machines had brackets and/or mounting holes for both, so you may luck out. Drilling new monuting holes is about as easy as it gets. You can buy spacers if the B&S is too low.

The older Ariens machines had a straight chute crank that doesn't work with OHV engines. I bought some u-joints and routed it like the newer models. Doesn't sound like you'll have that issue to face.

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