What's the Truth about these Yamakoyos's


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What's the Truth about Chinese Clones (Yamakoyos)

What's the Truth about the flood of Chinese Honda Clones? I have heard everything from absolute POS, to just as good as OE Honda-but not paying for the name. I have a nearby shop that has been putting a 13HP clone on Log Splitters for a couple of years and claims NO MORE problems than any other Brand(and sells most).

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I have yet to see one but a salesman has been doing his best to get me to stock them. From a 25-year plus perspective in this field, i'd say they're throw-aways and that it likely will be difficult for the consumer to obtain timely service due to parts availability (lack of).
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The ones I saw were virtually identical to the Honda GX390, to the extent that they listed there own AND the Honda part#'s in the manual, so I don't think parts availability is really an issue. Keep in mind EVERY brand was new at one time. I TOO am suspicious due to the price difference,but they claim that their costs are dramatically less(they didn't have to design these engines,just reverse engineer(copy) them. I am hoping to find someone who has actually had one for alittle while to get REAL feedback.
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probablly cheaper by a couple things, cheaper metals, and not good quality control, would be nice if one was torn apart, clearances and all was on the money with the real deal. sorry, but i wouldn't trust a cloned engine.....

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