Honda GCV190 - engine won't accelerate


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Honda GCV190 - engine won't accelerate

I have a Honda HRX217TDA with a GCV190 engine, which is less than two years old. When I restart the engine after refueling/mowing, I push the throttle forward from idle and the engine won't accelerate. It will start immediately in the any throttle position, but it only idles. It doesn't seem to do this when cold. Any suggestions?
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so it does fine until you cut it off, and restart it? you can make sure all the linkage is free moving.
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Does this engine have auto- or manual-choke?
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I'll check the linkages, but it is works fine during cold start up. I have only noticed the problem when it is warm/hot.

It has a manual choke, I think (push the throttle all the way forward.)

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