Snowblower Friction Disc?????


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Snowblower Friction Disc?????

I just picked up a used craftsman snowblower 10 hp-32"
Never had a snowblower before.
When using the thing today it seemed to lose torque at the drive wheels.
I opened the bottom to take a look at the drive mechanism and the friction wheel (which is new) and the platter seems to be greasy.
The previous owner like to grease everything.
Shouldn't this wheel & platter be completely clean?
What could I used to clean it?
Any comments appreciated

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Wipe off all you can with a clean dry cloth, then wash plate & rubber wheel with hot water with some dish soap added to it. Use a small scrub brush on the rubber wheel and scrub like h--l on it. then wipe them both dry with another clean, dry cloth. I thought of using some type of solvent, but not sure what it would do to the rubber wheel.
Hope this fixes it. If it doesn't, try shortening the cable or rod that engages the rubber wheel.
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A spray cleaner will work well and won't harm the rubber. If an automotive product is all that's available, use brake cleaner. If outdoor power equipment products are available, use carburetror cleaner. Both clean very, very well and evaporate quickly. Of course, use a shop towel to wipe up.

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