Toro/Tecumseh snowblower engine oil grade recommendation


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Toro/Tecumseh snowblower engine oil grade recommendation

Hi all,
Got my Toro 1128 OXE back from the dealer this morning (see seperate post). Anyway I am due for the 1st oil change now that its at the 2hr use mark. Toro/Tecumseh recommends:

SAE30 above 32*F
5W30 below 32*F

They claim that using 5W30 above 32*F will cause excessive oil consumption and that using SAE30 below 32*F can cause engine wear.

So here is the dilema: not all, but most snowstorms occur with temps fairly close to 32*F. I could be using the machine during a storm at 28*F or using it right after a storm, where the sun has come out at and its 36*F.

I my mind the lesser of the evils would be to go with SAE30 and risk some oil consumption if I use in temps above 32*F as I do not want to risk engine wear.

So what do you all think?

Thanks again,
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5W30 maybe a synthetic. 10W30 is another one
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sae 30, for use in the summer and actually wouldn't use it under 40 degrees, even 50, since its a snowblower..... don't use it, the 5w-30 and 10w-30 will cause more consumption, really applies for conventional oils, not synthetics, i'd actually try and find a good 0w-30 synthetic, little better cold start up flow then 5w-30, since its a snowblower, its gonna be used in the cold so it needs good cold weather oil flow.
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If you use conventional, petrolium based oil use SAE 5W30. Other suggestions were mentioned but a good year-round oil is a quality brand 5W30 synthetic, which I highly recommend. But, I'd wait until the 5-hour mark to change to synthetic. You're engine is still breaking in and it will no longer break in if you do use synthetic. The stuff works...based on my years in the business as well as the race engines I build.
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same here, on my new 18.5 intek, even though it has a oil filter...... changed the oil the first 5 hours, then it had a fill of 10w-30 conventional for about 20 hours, then a fresh fill of mobil one 10w-30. though the reason for the 0w-30, which is only available in a synthetic, you have a little bit more oil flow in the cold, over 5w-30. its still a 30 weight when fully warmed up. i've heard of people using 0w-30 all year round.
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I switched to 5w30 Mobil 1 synthetic oil on two older machines that sat in unheated storage between uses. With the conventional 5w30 oil, I could not hand start them, they just would not turn over fast enough with the pull cord to fire at any temperature below 20 degrees. I would have to drag a heavy 100ft 12 gage extension cord out through the snow to turn them over. Now they both start first or second pull. After the break-in period, switch to a name brand 100% synthetic, you will not be disappointed.

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