Recoil starter


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Jim D
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Recoil starter

I was replacing the starter cord on mt tecunseh engine on my ice auger and the recoil spring came un wound. Is there a trick to rewinding this spring or do I need to get a new spring. I tried for 2 hours to rewind it with no success.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I am speaking generally here because I don't have that engine myself. I remove the string from the reel and lay out all the parts on the table with my tools within easy reach. I start by placing the outer end of the spring in it's holder and carefully load the spring back into the housing. Next I engage the reel on the spring and drop it on the center post or reel holder. At this point it has no tension on it. Once I am sure the reel is engaged to the spring, I reinstall the pawls or engagement fingers and related springs and retaining screw/nut. Now I have the recoil reassembled except for the rope. I twist the reel the required number of turns to pre-load the tension and hold the tension with my fingers. I align the rope hole in the reel so it is nearest to the rope hole in the housing and gently lock some Vice-Grips to the hub to hold the tension for me. Now I can feed the new rope into the recoil assembly and tie a new knot in the reel. [If the rope won't cooperate, I make it stiffer by heating 6" of the end of the rope with a lighter an quickly rolling it flat and straight on the work bench. After I get it through, I cut off the stiffened end.] A very thin set of needle nose pliers can help here. I secure the rope like it was originally. Then I tie a temporary knot in the other end of the rope and carefully remove the Vice-Grips to allow the spring to pull the rope in to the recoil assembly and test the recoil for proper function. If I put the proper number of turns on the spring after I installed the reel, it will feel good.[Sometimes I will just have to put an extra turn or two on the reel. It is a learning process.] I cut the rope to the proper length and reinstall the handle and I'm done.

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